Abolitionism - 1 Brief Essay Points on Abolitionism During...

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Brief Essay Points on Abolitionism During the l820’s only free people of color demanded the immediate end to slavery. By 1830 more than fifty African American antislavery societies were engaged in an all out attack on slavery. Besides providing financial aid to the emerging national antislavery societies they assisted runaway slaves through the Underground Railroad. They also constantly reminded the nation of its mission under the Declaration of Independence . Through African American newspapers like Freedom’s Journal they spread the abolitionist word. However, beginning in 1831 a full fledged abolitionist crusade was ushered in by a minority of white reformers. Abolitionism became a crusade characterized by a religious fervor, a sense of moral urgency and a vision of human perfection. Initially abolitionism was part of many reforms such as temperance, the improvement of public education, the establishment of asylums for the insane, homes for females who had “deviated from the path of virtue,” and most importantly the women’s rights movement. While the next two decades were appropriately called the period of “freedom’s fervent,” the abolition of slavery ultimately overshadowed all other reform movements. The abolition of slavery in the 19 th century represented a break with earlier antislavery movements. Unlike antislavery in the 18 th century it joined blacks in calling for immediate and uncompensated emancipation. This often put antislavery advocates in opposition to President Lincoln and other politicians who flirted with compensated emancipation (review Lincoln’s views of emancipation in the Franklin text). By the 1840’s the scope and fervor of militant abolitionism was unprecedented with the belief
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Abolitionism - 1 Brief Essay Points on Abolitionism During...

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