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1 nature of slavery - Historians have continuously debated...

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Historians have continuously debated the nature of the institution of slavery. Discuss the two major interpretations discussed in class and contrast them with a description of the “Peculiar Institution” in the 19 th century. The second part should include the organization and operation of the institution and its impact on the slave population. Historians have debated over the nature of the institution of slavery. Two major interpretations discussed in class was Phillips and Stanley’s interpretation. Phillips, who also wrote American Negro Slavery , stated that slaves were blessed to have been brought over to the United States. Because Africa, which was uncivilized and also known as the “Dark continent,” salves will become civilized because of America, taught how to live and was given housing and food for free. In fact slavery is unprofitable. Stanley will also add to this and actually say that slaves were happy. Slaves were in fact brainwashed to think that they were happy or traumatic stress syndrome.
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