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Discuss the establishment of slavery in New England and the efforts to achievement its abolition by l808. Before the American Revolution, slavery extended throughout the United States. In New England it was on a very limited scale. There were household slaves in Boston, who drove the coaches, cooked the dinners, and shared the luxuries of rich houses; and a few were distributed among the most wealthy of the rural population. They were not numerous enough to make the condition a great evil or embarrassment, but quite enough to show its incompatibility with the demonstration of the truth, on which our declaration of Independence is based, that "all men are born equal," and have "an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In 1799, New York will establish a gradual emancipation act, which allowed masters to keep younger slaves to recoup their investment. The new act will free children born after July 4, 1799. Males will become free at age of 28, while females will be freed
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