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6. Compare and contrast the first emancipation movement with the nineteenth century abolitionist movement. In the first emancipation, intended to ban and outlaw slavery. It will start in the 18 th century when the American Colonization Society will form and try to take slaves back to Liberia, Africa. The society was supported by slave-owners fearful of revolts by free black, also by northern that were concerned with the rise of black workers would hurt job opportunities for whites, additionally by those who oppose slavery but did not favor integration. Many blacks will see this the best solution to their troubles in America. But the society and movement was not solid and faded away. During the 19 th century, new leaders will revive the emancipation movement and call for immediate and uncompensated emancipation. David Walker and his pamphlet Appeal will be probably be one of the most provocative in emancipation, calling for slaves to rise and over throw their owners. Another abolitionist, William Lloyd garrison
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