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4 domestic policies done - Compare and contrast Washingtons...

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Compare and contrast Washington’s and Jefferson’s approach to domestic policies (national issue such as tariffs) during their administrations. George Washington was a president about a strong central government, with little emphasis on the local and state governments. He was very cynical to human nature because humans were very imperfect and selfish. While as Jefferson was a president about the smaller people like the state and local governments. In George Washington’s presidency there was a huge amount of debt to repay because of the revolutionary war. all would agree that the debts will have to be repaid to even survive as a new country. America’s foreign and national debt will be paid off. But our state debt will be the most controversial due to the fact that some states could not repay that debt. So these debts will be absorbed into the national bank. Tariffs will be passed to keep foreign competition away and to stimulate the nation’s economy. Farmers
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