HISTORY notes FINAL - Constitution Colonists were skeptical...

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Unformatted text preview: Constitution Colonists were skeptical about giving too much power to a central government, - Experience with Britain- Experience with new world- saw them as 13 separate entities, reluctant to give up any power. *First national government, more of a super intending power. - Government was agent looking over them to see what needed to be done, ex. Post office comities. No provision with interstate commerce. No business without uniform commercial cause. Good in one state as good in another state, created a depression by 1786. Serious depression key to Constitutional Convention, led to Shays Rebellion . Had economic deflationary cycle- not enough money, less money to pay bill. Behind in taxes, not paid montage. Wanted an inflationary monetarily, money became less disasterious, people owed bills liked it. Many people went into debt in colonies. 1876, group of disgruntle debtors led by Shay, led in refusal to allow government officials to collect loans or accept notices they had been served, wouldnt led them foreclose on properties. This group refused to pay their debt. At the end, quickly disburst by local malia, could happen anywhere. Articles of Confederation provided no mechanism to make people to obey government. Frightened Americans of the wealth Merchants saw that the government couldnt make people follow laws. 1787- 55 delegates from most of all states assemble in Philadelphia to amend the Constitution. Started as early as 1785, had meetings in private homes to discuss. Washington, Franklin, Madison, all wondered, tried to get rid of weaknesses. Depression showed that government couldnt control people. 55 people composed of lawyers manufactors, land owning slavers few farmers Amended Articles of Confederation, to clarify things and demarcate the orbit of power between government and states. - A group (12) came with understanding that you couldnt amend constitutions because it had fatal flaws, couldnt save it. People didnt show up. Rhode Island didnt show up, had to have a quarrel enough people to overhaul A of C. These people led by Washington, Ma understood that America needed a strong National government, led by Virginia delegations. The Virginia Plan introduced by Randolf called for a strong centralized government in which delegates would be determine by population of each state. If this happens, whose advantage or disadvantage this would be. (Free white population). Big white states scared theyll be minority. Virginia and Southern states worried, 39 citizens. Almost 1 million was slave; there were people anti-slaves at conventional. If were in Virginia or southern states, they will suffer the same as New Jersey. Patterson introduced New Jersey Plan presentation to protect small states from large. Compromise 3/5 compromise Southern states said that they wouldnt have same interest. South scared North States would abolish slaveries if they were the majority....
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HISTORY notes FINAL - Constitution Colonists were skeptical...

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