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prelim_answer_key - PART ONE Please match the following...

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PART ONE. Please match the following concepts to the construct they belong to. (NOTE: Each construct can have multiple concepts matched to it). The constructs are: 1. Acquisition C 2. Advertising B 3. Answer objections D 4. Approach D 5. Benchmarking E 6. Close the sale D 7. Continuous improvement E 8. Contract out C 9. Employee empowerment E 10. Evaluate Alternatives A 11. Follow up D 12. Information Search A 13. Internal R&D C 14. Joint Ventures C 15. Just in time E 16. Knowledge of tools E 17. Licensing C 18. Make presentation D 19. Make Purchase Decision A 20. Personal selling B 21. Post-purchase Evaluation A 22. Pre-approach D 23. Prospect and qualify D 24. Public relations B 25. Recognize Problem A 26. Sales incentives B PART II. Answer the following questions. Match the steps of the management cycle with their definitions 27. Planning D 28. Organizing A 29. Leading C 30. Controlling B a. Allocating resources, assigning tasks, and establishing procedures for accomplishing the organizational objectives b. Checking to determine whether or not an organization is progressing towards its objectives, and taking corrective action if it is not c. Creating a vision for others to follow and promoting greater effectiveness and efficiency in the organization d. Setting the organizational vision, goals and objectives
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phase of the Career Development Process they address [Note: You can use answers A, B, C once, more than once, or not at all] 31. Confusion A 32. Exploration B 33. Crystallization A 34. Specification A 35. Implementation C a. Scheduling a career counseling appointment to discuss your career plans b. Meet with a Cornell Career Services staff member to discuss strategy and resources for your summer job search c. Meet with a Cornell Career Services staff member to discuss strategy and resources for your full-time job search 36. Which of the steps of the Career Development Model best describes activities such as reading a book on careers or contacting alumni? a. Understanding yourself b. Exploring options c. Taking action 37. Which of the following is a profit driver? a. Increasing sales b. Increasing prices c. Reducing costs d. All of the above are important profit drivers e. None of the above is a profit driver 38. The triple bottom line is a component of the a. Stakeholder model of the firm b. Shareholder model of the firm 39. Which of the following is the situation with the largest probability of losses? a. High upside, low downside b. High upside, high downside c. Low upside, low downside d. Low upside, high downside e. All of the above have the same probability of losses Match the factors of production for business management with their defining characteristics 40. Capital A 41. Entrepreneurship C 42. Labor B 43. Land E 44. Technology D a. Defines the owners of the firm
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prelim_answer_key - PART ONE Please match the following...

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