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Body Language I. Introduction II. Positive and Negative Body Language a. Posture/Stance b. Facial Expressions III. Global Body Language a. Eye-contact b. Greetings c. Personal Space Bubble IV. Body Language In the Workplace a. First Impressions b. Office Etiquette V. Conclusion VI. Game?? (All participate) As diversity increases in the work environment, more attention must be spent on the impacts of body language – especially the differences between different cultures.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, it may be helpful to know how to present oneself in a positive manner in important situations such as interviews and in the workplace. We plan on having a PowerPoint presentation with videos and visuals that can enhance points made about impressions made from body language. We also would like to include some type of interaction with the class at the end of the presentation (such as a charades-like game)....
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