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Psych 220 Psychobiology

Psych 220 Psychobiology - • Wow I didn’t know this one...

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HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe ~20% of population infected with HIV Allllmost 600 more people are infected every day. ~600 x 365 = ~ 222,000 people every year. ~1 person every three minutes. Zimbabwe has a tense political landscape. President Robert Mugabe rose to prominence in the 60s as a leader of Zimbabwe African National Movement (ZAMU!) Many people , throughout Africa, think he is a hero who will fight for independence. Many others don’t. And as a result …he is a polarizing figure, both in Africa and the West. And Zimbabwe is becoming more isolated. ZIMBABWE IS DOOMED* In the last six years , the population of Zimbabwe has decreased by almost six-million people. Infant mortality rates have skyrocketed more than 100%
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Unformatted text preview: • Wow, I didn’t know this one. The average life expectancy for women, who are disproportionately affected by the AIDS epidemic, is 34 years . Just for reference, that’s (MUCH) worse than it was 4000 years ago. That’s just about as bad as it was circa 10,000 BC. We had to hunt mastodons in 10,000 BC. And since the data used to generate that number was collected several years ago… it might be worse. One of you brilliant ASAPers should come up with a research/development/whatever project, and get a Harrison Grant, or an Echols grant, any number of grants and things UVA wants to give you. Free bar night cup to the first one who does it!?...
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Psych 220 Psychobiology - • Wow I didn’t know this one...

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