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Final Exam without answers - PSYC 215 Final Exam PLEASE DO...

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PSYC 215 Final Exam PLEASE DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE DIRECTED TO DO SO Carefully fill in your computing i.d. on your answer sheet. Fill in one and only one answer for each question, using a #2 pencil. You may keep your question booklet. Please pledge the back of the scantron sheet when you have finished
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a problem for introspection? A. Lack of reliability between individuals B. imageless thought C. lack of theory development D. the fact that observing mental processes might change them. 2. __________ describes a phenomenon where after a conditioned stimulus is presented without any reinforcement a number of times, a conditioned response will no longer occur. A. Overshadowing B. Extinction C. Stimulus discrimination D. Delay conditioning 3. In an experiment, a bell rings every time a dog is given food. Later, a bright light appears prior to the bell ringing. After a number of these trials, the light elicits the same response as the bell. This is an example of __________. A. overshadowing B. inhibition C. higher-order conditioning D. stimulus discrimination 4. In their chapter, Leahey and Harris described the “Baby Albert” experiments concerning conditioned emotional responses in their infant participant. Which of the following was concluded? A. emotions were extremely difficult to condition in infants B. conditioned emotional responses were generalized to similar stimuli C. the conditioned emotional response was easier to elicit because Albert, like all babies was innately fearful of rats D. that without new reinforcement, conditional emotional responses became extinct within a matter of days 5. A slot machine in a casino lands on a winning combination an average of once out of every 30 plays. The payment, or reinforcement to play more, is on a __________ schedule. A. fixed ratio B. variable interval C. fixed interval D. variable ratio 6. When participating in an experiment measuring memory, the experimentor explains that there will be 2 conditions, an experimental condition and a control condition. When explaining the instructions to the experimental condition, the experimentor also mentions that people are typically perform well in this condition compared to the control condition. This experiment will likely have a problem characterized by which of the following? A. college sophomore phenomenon B. demand characteristics C. relational research D. ecological validity 7. A researcher is investigating whether or not people become more frightened in the dark when there is either ominous music playing or when there is no music playing. Participants are randomly assigned to the music condition, or the no music condition and after 15 minutes of being in the dark room alone are asked to fill out a questionnaire to rate how frightened they had become during their time in the room. Which of the following statements is true regarding this experiment? A.
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Final Exam without answers - PSYC 215 Final Exam PLEASE DO...

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