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HNF150 January 24, 2008 Dr. Alaimo ALCOHOL Alcohol Facts *7 calories per gram *Americans consume 6-10% of daily calories as alcohol *Alcohol is a psychoactive drug and toxin to the body What are the Recommendations? Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend MODERATE DRINKING , i.e. no more than: *2 drinks/day for men *1 drink/day for women (women absorb 1/3 more alcohol than men, even at the same body size) à Some individuals should not drink alcohol at all What is 1 serving of Alcohol? *5 oz wine *1½ oz liquor (80 proof=40% alcohol) *12 oz beer (Ice beers contain a much higher alcohol-content than regular beer) Who Should NOT Drink? *Children and adolescents *Individuals who cannot restrict their drinking to moderate levels *Alcoholics *Women who may become pregnant or who are pregnant *Individuals who plan to drive, operate machinery, or take part in other activities that require attention, skill, or coordination *Individuals taking prescription or over-the-counter medications that can interact with alcohol Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy *Even 1 drink/day during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects *“There is no known safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant and there also does not appear to be a safe time to drink during pregnancy either . Therefore, it is recommended that women abstain from drinking alcohol at any time during pregnancy.” -- CDC Fetal Alcohol Syndrome *Six-year-old boy with growth deficiency, small head size, small palpebral fissures (eye slits), a mildly flattened midface and a drooping left eyelid. His mother died from complications of alcoholism within the first year of his life. Behaviors Typical of Moderate Drinkers 1
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*Drink slowly, casually *Eat food before or while drinking *Don’t binge drink/know when to stop *Respect non-drinkers *Avoid drinking when making decisions or solving problems *Do not encourage drunkeness *Remain peaceful, calm, unchanged by drinking *Cause no problems to others or themselves by drinking Behaviors Typical of Problem Drinkers
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Alcohol08a - HNF150 January 24, 2008 Dr. Alaimo ALCOHOL...

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