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WORLD WAR II History 3544 T-Th 3:30-4:45 Spring 2008 Dr. Farrar Review Sheet 1 The following topics will be covered on your first in-class exam to be given on Thursday, March 13, 2008 I. Versailles Creates a New World Order A. Versailles Peace Conference 1919 1. Territorial Adjustments 2. German War Guilt and Reparations 3. League of Nations. B. The World Order of the 1920's 1. Weimar Republic 2. Bolshevik Russia 3. Isolationist United States 4. Exhausted France and Britain II. The Rise of Adolf Hitler (1923-1938) A. Hitler: The early years 1. Hitler's plans for Germany 2. His anti-semitism. 3. His ascent to power B. Germany resurgent 1. Rearmanent 1935-1938 2. Occupation of Rhineland 1936 3. Anschluss with Austria 1938 4. Germany Consumes Czechoslovakia and Poland. III. World War II begins,1 September 1939 A. Great Britain/France declare war 3 September 1939
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Unformatted text preview: B. Soviets attack 17 September C. Poland crushed 6 October. D. "Phoney War" Germany faces France and Britain in West IV. The Fall of France: Germany Conquers the West A. German Invasion of Denmark and Norway 9 April 1940. B. German invasion of Low Countries and France, 10 May 1940. C. Germany conquers France V. The Battle of Britain A. Germany menaces Britain 1. Invasion plans: "Operation Sea Lion." 2. Luftwaffe ordered to gain air superiority 3. Germany loses Battle of Britain. To research these topics consult your books World War II, a Short History, by M. Lyons, pp. 1-104,138-161 The Second World War by John Keegan, pp. 10-141, 240-267,and A Democracy at War by William O'Neill, pp.1-117, your class notes and any other books and sources about World War II you can find. Use these topics as study guides!!!...
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