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HNF 150 Spring 2008 Professor Alaimo Exam 1 Study Topics Week 3 Reading: Chap 2 (pp. 29-65); Chap 3 (pp. 94-102); Eating Made Simple by Marion Nestle (in Week 3 folder); Alcohol Web Exploration Problem set due: Friday, January 25, 4:00pm (on ANGEL) Nutrition Recommendations and Labeling Understand the following terms/concepts: underlined portions of 2005 Dietary Guidelines, health claim, nutrient claim, structure-function claim, dietary supplements, phytochemical, functional food, balance study For the following, know who sets, how, why and/or for whom: the DRI’s, Food Labels, DV, RDA, AI, EAR, UL, nutrient and health claims Know the difference between RDA for energy and other nutrients Reading Labels: What does “healthy” mean?, know required components of Nutrition Facts labels, label terms: saturated fat free, trans fat free, high fiber, “less, fewer, or reduced”
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to calculate % kilocalories from carbohydrate, protein, fat “Eating Made Simple” by Marion Nestle What are some reasons for the obesity epidemic? What is certified organic? Are there health benefits of organic foods? What are they? What tradeoffs are associated with eating fatty fish? What are Nestle’s (and others) four dietary adages? How do they correspond with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Alcohol Understand the following terms/concepts: Dietary Guidelines for men and women, who should not drink alcohol, alcohol in pregnancy, binge drinking, causes of fatty liver, fibrosis, cirrhosis, how to sober up, legal driving limits, amount of alcohol in various types of drinks, what happens to alcohol when one drinks, how fast does alcohol reach the brain, effects of gender and body size...
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