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Healthy_Weight_Day08ppt - Healthy weight/Fad Diets All...

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1 Healthy weight/Fad Diets Dr. Katherine Alaimo Michigan State University HNF150 SP05 All calorie restricting diets work… ± A calorie is a calorie is a calorie ± If Energy Intake < Energy Expenditure, you will lose weight However… “Dieting” rarely works in the long term! ± 50% of all people who begin a diet never make their target weight ± 85-95% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back within two years ± Average weight loss five years after making target weight = 0 lbs Why do people diet? ± What does “diet” mean? diet noun 1 the food and drink usually taken by a person or group 2 when someone eats less food, or only particular types of food, because they want to become thinner or for medical reasons fad noun 1 a style, activity or interest which is very popular for a short period of time ± At any given time, 44% of U.S. women and 29% of U.S. men consider themselves to be “dieting” Why doesn’t weight loss last? ±
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2 Some dieters ARE successful at maintaining weight loss ± National Weight Control Registry ± Study: People who lost at least 30 pounds and stayed at reduced weight for at least 1 year ± Results: ± Mean duration of maintenance = 5 years ± 90% maintain weight loss through BOTH diet and exercise ± 80% consume less than 30% kcal from fat ± Mean % kcal from carbohydrate = 56% What type of eaters have the lowest body weight? ± National data (CSFII): 1994-1996 ± 10,014 adults aged 18 years and older 25.2 26.1 26.6 26.9 Mean BMI men 24.6 25.4 25.9 26.8 Mean BMI women 11% 14% 17% 22% Mean % protein 27% 25% 37% 46% Mean % fat 62% 62% 45% 25% Mean % carbohydrate >55% Carb. 30-55% Carb. < 30% Carb. Vegetarian Non-vegetarian So what’s a better approach? ± To create a healthy lifestyle, find out what works for you… ± Some people find it helpful to eat less fat to reduce total calories without reducing food intake ± Some people find it helpful to eat whole grains, and a little fat and protein at each meal to increase satiety and keep blood glucose steady
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Healthy_Weight_Day08ppt - Healthy weight/Fad Diets All...

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