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Samantha Rathbun Tuesday, September 18, 2007 Macro Economics Assignment #1 Critical Analysis: 1. The Artic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) is a wildlife refuge in Alaska that has been untouched by oil companies for 40 years. A recent vote in Senate has made the ANWR open to oil drilling. The opportunity costs involved in letting the oil companies’ drill include independence from foreign oil, this is an opportunity cost because it could have an adverse affect on the economy, and possibly hurt ties with foreign countries and trade. 2. I do not believe that congress should have passed he bill allowing oil exploration in the ANWR. The ANWR is a critical habitat for creatures such s the porcupine caribou herds and their one of kind migratory patterns. The artic environment is so fragile that drilling would harm is and possibly harm the variety of species that live there. Not only that, but
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Unformatted text preview: it is also an unnecessary method to improve energy future. Studies have shown that the United States uses less ten 2% of oil for electricity. Another reason not to drill is how progressive today’s technology is, and our capabilities of improving the way we use our current resources. By improving fuel economy we can save more oil that what would be produced I the ANWR. I realize that some believe that drilling in the ANWR will diminish our dependency on foreign countries for their oil, but this is not necessarily true. Drilling in he ANWR will only decrease our dependency by a small percent. We also do not know the defined amount of oil. For all we know there could only be a few thousand gallons. We have plenty of oil throughout United Stats and in he Caribbean in reserves. I think the ANWR should way the government originally meant for it, untouched....
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