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mis exam 1 study guide - What is a system? What is an...

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Intro to Information Systems What is a system? What is an information system? A system is a set of interrelated components working together to achieve a common goal. A information system- interfaces, databases, and programs… business systems and scientific systems. Know the traditional systems that all organizations must have and how they interact. Distribution system- a company’s cycle of product sells. Order entry- the process of entering an order. Inventory- how much product a company has. Billing- getting information together to send a bill to the purchaser of the product. Accounts Receivable- receiving payment for the product. Order fulfillment- filling an order. Stock replacement- getting more stock for a company. What is a CIO? What is a Systems Analyst? CIO is a chief information officer. A systems analyst works with end users to determine the nature of the problem to be solved and to develop a solution. They work with programmers to get the system built and tested. TIA Chapter 1: Why Computers Matter What is a Data Warehouse? What is data mining? A data warehouse is where information comes from for data mining. Information is stored there for many years. Data mining searches large amounts of data to find a pattern. What are Point of Sale Terminals and the types of transactions it handles? Point of sale terminals register the products, look up the products, check the price, and find the description. How are computers being used in business, medicine, law enforcement, education, and sciences? Business- point of sale terminals, tracking merchandise, and data mining. Medical- virtual reality in medical applications. Law- computer forensics. Education- computers in the classroom, research, and the internet. Sciences- supercomputers, archeology, and meteorology. What are the challenges facing a digital society? Privacy What is computer fluency? Being able to understand a computers capabilities and limitations as well as knowing how to use a computer.
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mis exam 1 study guide - What is a system? What is an...

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