ISY1305 Exam 3 Review

ISY1305 Exam 3 Review - =PMT(rate, nper (number of payments...

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Unformatted text preview: =PMT(rate, nper (number of payments or period of time, pv (present value), fv (future value), type(1= beg. of year 0= end of year) =PPMT(rate, per (specifies the period must be 1 to period total), nper, pv, fv, type) =IPMT(rate, per, nper, pv, fv, type) Amortization table/chart o Used for loans Excel Evaluating Data Logical Functions - IF o (blank=blank , then yes, then no) Lookup Functions HLOOKUP(looks at rows), VLOOKUP( looks at columns) o (what we know, table array, what we want (in #s row or col), true or false) Excel Charts (Excel Chapter 5) Chart Terminology okay like what does she mean?? Uhhh like data series, chart title, legend, chart area, plot area, back wall and stuff like that I guess How to set it up. Know what to select as your Data Source for a chart. This is the most challenging part of creating a chart. Know how to format the chart. Be familiar with Pie, and Column Charts. Be familiar with elements of a chart: data series, category values, plot area, data markers, etc....
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2008 for the course ISY 1305 taught by Professor Sanchez during the Spring '08 term at Baylor.

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ISY1305 Exam 3 Review - =PMT(rate, nper (number of payments...

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