2006 fall Forum Research Assignment 1

2006 fall Forum Research Assignment 1 - 3 What is the...

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Name__Frank Beninato_______________________________________ Seat Number__J104____________ Research Assignment 1 Place your answers on this sheet and submit it in class on Wednesday, September 27, 2006. It must be submitted by the time class starts (6:55 p.m.). You will submit two parts to this assignment. The first part will be the answers to these questions. The second part will be the print out of your Wall Street Journal Log in page. This sheet, with your name and seat number should be on top. 1. Who is the Chairman and CEO of Johnson and Johnson (Ticker Symbol - JNJ)? (3 points) William C Weldon 2. How many operating companies and how many employees does Johnson and Johnson have? (3 points) Operating Companies : more than 230 Employees: 116,200
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is the current (quarterly) total Debt/Equity ratio for Johnson and Johnson? Is this good? Explain? (4 points) 0.06- this is good, because their debt (liabilities) in relation to their stockholders equity is very low. The higher the debt to equity ratio, the more aggressive the financing of the company is. Extra credit for Wall Street Journal information (5 Points). Answer ONE of the following. (Indicate which question you are answering) 1. On 9/15/2006, the FASB issued a new Statement of Financial Accounting. What statement was it and what did it say? Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 157, Fair Value Measurements. It provides enhanced guidance for using fair value to measure assets and liabilities....
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2006 fall Forum Research Assignment 1 - 3 What is the...

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