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David Kaplansky Mini Case Assignment1 1. BestValue is a computer hardware/software service store; their main goal is to provide customers with service that will truly make the customer satisfied without any surprises hidden costs or big technical words to confuse them. They rely on their friendly services and their ability to create and keep long term customer relationships. 2. Many smaller companies have to convey a message of higher service and value in order for them to compete with the larger companies. Dropping the cost is definitely not the right step; many customers feel they need a better service rather than cutting costs. Sales people for BestValue need to push the fact that they are a local company and they can give individual customers support and service on a far more individual level and not call some toll-free number that forwards them overseas. 3. BestValue is always looking to expand, Leroy feels that the network field is a very important one and sees LAN as the next step for his business to take. Sales Reps
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