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HR project 2 - TO DATE SUBJECT ClubCorp HR Department STAR...

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ClubCorp HR Department DATE: November 15, 2004 SUBJECT: STAR Service Training Express Training Express, ClubCorp’s new 90-minute training program, has many attributes that will effectively communicate the service goals of their company, while some of the aspects could be improved to enhance the program. This report includes the analysis of both the design and content of the program, as well as includes recommendations for change. Design Strengths Consistency The way in which the program is set up makes it easy for all the different properties to follow the same format and teach the same things to their employees. The entire program is guided so that all of the topics, as well as the exercises, videos, and handouts are the same. This kind of consistency makes it so that the GM, who may not necessarily be the most experienced training facilitator, can lead the session. Format The presentation aids (slides, handouts, etc.) help build a format that makes it easier for the employees to both learn more effectively and follow more closely. It encourages participants to take notes on what the facilitator is speaking about by leaving portions of their handout blank. This is a very important tool when training 1 . Mark Twain once said that “a pencil and paper make the best memory” 2 . When the participants write information down themselves, they are more likely to retain that information. Length of Training The first thing that I noticed when analyzing this program was that it is called “Training Express,” and takes place for only 90 minutes. Given that it is a ‘refresher’ and takes place after these employees have had their initial job training, it is still not very long of a program. This approach, however, may be very effective, and many companies are starting to bring this idea of mini-sessions to their companies. It has been said that “late in the 20 th century, the pace of our workday lives moves faster and faster, and our skills, knowledge, and abilities tend to get outmoded earlier” 3 . Because of this fast-paced work environment, the idea of having a 90-minute session is very logical. Rather than making people take full days out of their schedule, ‘training express’ allows them to focus for 90 full minutes, and then get back to what they need to do, hopefully with some new ideas about how to do them. The goal of this type of training is to help the employee brush up on the knowledge and skills that they have already learned, and therefore, the briefer the program is, the more the employees will accept it. 1 Muir, Guila. “When Public Managers Must Train.” Public Management. Jan/Feb 2001. Vol. 83, Issue 1 2 “Idea’s That Work.” Training and Development Journal, August 1979. 3
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HR project 2 - TO DATE SUBJECT ClubCorp HR Department STAR...

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