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Quiz1_07F - Computer Science 1046 Introduction to Computer...

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Page #1 of 4 Computer Science 1046 “Introduction to Computer Science I” Quiz #1 --- Wednesday, September 26, 2007 There are seven questions on this quiz, worth 80 marks in total. Please sign your name on this question sheet and verify that you have all four (4) numbered pages. The time allotted is 40 minutes . Write your answers to all questions in the spaces provided. Sign Your Name Here: ___________________________________________________ Question One [10 marks] List the typical steps of the programming process. Question Two [10 marks] Explain in simple terms how String objects in Java differ from primitive data types.
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Page #2 of 4 Question Three [20 marks] Fill in the blanks in these statements from the list of words following the statements. 1. The _____________ is the part of the computer that carries out all of the instructions of a program. 2. ____________ data types can have fractional parts, whereas ____________ data elements are non-numeric. 3. The compiling process is one of translating a program from a ___________________ language to a ________________ language.
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