Lecture02 - COSC 1046 08F J Rajnovich Lecture#2 Monday...

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Lecture #02 Page 1 of 9 Sep 8, 2008 COSC 1046 --- 08F --- J. Rajnovich Lecture #2: Monday, September 8, 2008 Topic: The Programming Process Assigned Readings: Gaddis, Chapter 1.1 through 1.7 Academic Counselling? Since Friday is the last day to change courses for this term, it is important that you get academic counselling if you have any questions this week. - are you in the right courses for your intended degree programme and possible specializations? - are you planning on completing the Specialization in Business Systems Management (BSM) described on page 65 of the calendar? - are you interested in the Specialization in Computer Game Technology which will be receiving approval within the next month or so? In either of these cases, you should be taking certain courses this term in addition to COSC 1046. - if you have any questions please arrange to meet with me asap this week. Term Work Overview You will see from the course outline that a grade in this course is derived from four distinct kinds of evaluated activity: Lab work 5 @3% each 15% Quizzes 4 @5% each 20% Tests 3 @10% each 30% Final Examination 35% Lab Work At the end of each of Chapters 2 through 6 in the Gaddis textbook there are green pages which contain review questions and exercises and programming challenges. - to obtain the 15% for lab work you are expected to have completed all of these, 3% for each of the five chapters. - you are expected to work in teams of 2-3 COSC 1046 students, assisting and conferring with each other. - you do not have to hand in printouts of your solutions.
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Lecture #02 Page 2 of 9 Sep 8, 2008 - instead, when you are ready you are to make an individual appointment with the COSC 1046 TA to meet in one of the scheduled lab periods dedicated to this course. - the TA will take about 15 minutes with you and have you demonstrate on a lab computer several of the programming challenges, chosen by him, from the chapter and to answer a few questions to determine your understanding of the work. - the TA will not ask you to discuss any of the review questions or exercises. N.B. You will not receive the full 3 marks for that chapter’s work if you cannot show that you have completed the work successfully and understood it. - it is not cheating to receive assistance from your team mates to complete and understand questions, exercises and programming challenges. - it is cheating to attempt to demonstrate to the TA solutions to programming challenges which you could not have completed and understood by yourself. - use my tutoring, the TA’s tutoring and your class mates’ assistance wisely. Quizzes The three quizzes in this course are short written exercises done in class. On a quiz day, I will lecture for about 30 minutes on some new topics (not on the quiz, of course) and then distribute the quiz question sheets. Each quiz will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.
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Lecture02 - COSC 1046 08F J Rajnovich Lecture#2 Monday...

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