Case Brief ch 10

Case Brief ch 10 - Bryan Whalen Blaw 3201 Sec 12 Ardito v...

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Bryan Whalen Blaw 3201 Sec. 12 11/20/07 Ardito v. City of Providence United States District Court, District of Rhode Island, 2003. 263 F.Supp.2d 358 FACTS In 2001, the Providence, Rhode Island police department began hiring new police officers to help fill vacancies in the department. The police department formed the 60 th and 61 st Police Academies to train the new officers because only applicants who graduated from the Providence Police Academy were eligible to become officers. In order to be admitted to one of the training academies, applicants had to pass a sequence of tests, and be considered qualified by members of the department after an interview. The applicants who passed the series of test and were deemed qualified were sent a letter notifying them they had been selected to attend the academy. In order to attend the academy, applicants also had to pass a medical checkup and a psychological examination. The letter, dated October 15, was sent to the applicants of the 61 st Academy informing them that this was “a conditional offer of employment.” At the same time, a
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Case Brief ch 10 - Bryan Whalen Blaw 3201 Sec 12 Ardito v...

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