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assignment 2 - life instead of allowing it to be a boring...

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“A hunger strikes me whenever I am divorced from the ball and I long to unite with the pigskin, for it is now my friend.” This sentence is my favorite is from A Leather-laced Companion. I believe that it exemplifies showing instead of merely telling. It also personifies the football. It makes it seem human-like with the use of the word divorce. It is very creative because hunger and divorced are words that I would not think to use to explain a football. “It is a living vein, pulsing with the life energy of the machine.” This is my favorite sentence from Up Up and Away. This sentence is similar to my favorite from A Leather- Laced Companion because once again it personifies the object. He brings the ski lift to
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Unformatted text preview: life instead of allowing it to be a boring object. Ski lifts aren’t too exciting and for me it would be hard to write so much abut one, but this author does a good job using sentences like this one. “Why did this have to happen to me? “ This is my least favorite sentence in A Leather-Laced Companion. To me it just seems very unoriginal. It does not really add anything to the essay, but rather it takes away. “This lift is old but it is still strong.” This sentence is my least favorite from Up Up and Away. It just does not seem as detailed or descriptive as the other sentences. It is boring and plain....
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