describtions - cherry red coat was covered with nicks and...

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1. A thick layer of grimy dust covers the once silver shimmering faucet. Dark unrecognizable food crumbs rest on dirty dishes in the sink. A dried out dog dish sits beside a yellow tinted fridge covered in pictures of vacations, holidays and other long gone memories. Sun shines through the cobweb filled window, reflecting off a generously used high chair into your eyes. The first of its kind dishwasher is ajar, its contents are, and will remain empty. The trashcan sits in the corner overflowing with balled up paper towels, old mail and an empty frosted flakes box. It is April, but a tiny tinsel Christmas tree still takes its place in the center of the table. 2. It was snowing out, so the car takes its place in the garage. A clever person traced “clean me” into the back windshield where the dust heavily rested. Mud mucked the body of the car so much that it was now difficult to tell its color. Bumper stickers of past presidential candidates, bands and witty sayings cluttered the back bumper. The cars
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Unformatted text preview: cherry red coat was covered with nicks and scratches from the years of wear and tear. Sheepskin seat covers graced the seats on the inside, which was vastly different from the outside. Although cluttered it was clear that the car is still used frequently. 3. A man in his 40’s with perfectly white gleaming teeth greets you at the door. His smile resembles a clown from a horror movie and his voice is much too cheerful for the occasion. He announces the deals of the day in his unnatural voice, knowing more then any 40-year-old man should know about toys. Everything whizzes and whirls. There is no dust, dirt or frown anywhere in the store. The walls are a vibrant yellow, blue and pink. The floors are covered in a glittery green tile. No children are misbehaving, just standing beside their parents with an enormous smile on their faces. The employees begin singing about a land of toys and candy as they do every 3 minutes....
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  • Fall '07
  • Human voice, Dishware, Christmas tree, Bumper sticker, unrecognizable food crumbs, silver shimmering faucet

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describtions - cherry red coat was covered with nicks and...

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