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Paper Proposal The object that I plan on describing is my digital camera. It is a red Fujifilm Fine Pix 10.0 MP digital camera. It has a 2.5” LCD screen that displays my pictures immediately after I capture them. It has only one scratch in the lower left hand corner despite being dropped many times. Its sleek and slim design fits conveniently n into my pocket or wristlet unlike its prehistoric predecessor. I thought this would be a good object because it not only has a meaning to me; digital cameras have a greater meaning to society as a whole. It is something that many people have and that they use to capture their own memories that otherwise overtime would be forgotten. I did not initially reject anything; I was looking around my room, saw it and decided it would fit with this project.
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Unformatted text preview: I want to write about my camera because it has been everywhere with me. Our culture as a whole enjoys taking pictures and capturing memories, and a camera is something that frequently travels with them. If cameras could talk they could probably tell some very interesting stories. I hope to convey to the reader just how important a simple thing like a camera can be. When describing my camera I will be able to use every sensory detail except for smell. I think these details will work well to persuade the reader because it will allow the reader to relate better to my camera, and to remind themselves of their own cameras. At this point I am not certain what my organizing principle will be, but I am leaning towards chronological or senses....
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