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825 - Hist2055 23 830-12 130-230 Test office hours-230...

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Hist 2055 8/25/08 Test office hours-Sept 22 1230-230 23 830-12. 130-230 24 1230-230 25 130-230 Bruce’s mon 130-3 thur 130-3 History- What is history- its about the past. Its an interpretation. Ton of stuff that happens to 1865. Will get interp of explanation. Get used to complexity; human beings. Basic fact v interpretation 1492 columbus sailed v Columbus discovered America Awful man- only married a woman to climb social ladder King & queen hated him. 8/27/08 start reading Facing East Early European Exploration and settlement and Indians Studying euros before Indians bc no documentation about them before the euros showed up. Exploration Begins- o Events that make it possible- 1300s-1400s events made Columbus possible- the king and queen funded him… why— in 1400s, printing press introduced to Europe. Movable type was intro from Asia. Made trans of info faster, broaded. Books used to be printed by monks by hand. Process sped up. Standards- books were rare, expensive- became cheaper & more available, but by our standards, very scarce. Confined to the wealthy. Spreading info, further & faster. Improved sailing ability- could handle them better, designed them better. The technology improved. Easier to navigate. the compass was introduced. Able to figure out where they are on the globe. Start having the resources to send ships. In 1400s, “European countries” began to form. The smaller kingdoms before fought a lot. Principalities started to cluster together. o Spain explores and colonizes
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Spain was first. 1460s- 2 islands, king married queen of other one, merged, resources merged. More powerful kingdom than the 2 principalities. Can afford more stuff. 1492- Spanish military completed recon quest Iberian peninsula. It used to be managed by north African muslims. They were run out. Finished that job, had money, decided to fund Columbus Once all of these things started in Europe, the explorations began. 1470s- euros sailed down to the equator and sailed back. Big step. 1480- sailed to the southern tip of Africa and back. 1490s- Columbus sailed across the ocean. 1520s- European ships circumnavigate the earth. Spain is funding Columbus, claimed the Americas. Spain had a vast American empire. The Spaniards were interested in building the empire for diff reasons Wealth- Exploring the Americas; that can produce quick and easy wealth Religion- extremely important. The church was starting to split in Europe- Catholics vs Protestants. Rush to get Catholicism planted in the Americas before Protestants. Spain was brutal in efforts to convert the Indians to Christian. Also tried to convert Protestants to catholic. The Catholic Church would do very nasty things to their fellow Europeans, Protestants. No surprise the Spanish people were the same way in the Americas. Quest for Glory- wanted to charter the unknown, take charge of people, become wealthy and famous.
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