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Example Lab: Voltmeter Internal Resistance Elle Lectron Partner: Newt Tron Lab Section: 201 Class Section: 001 Date Performed: 28 Jan 2004 Date Submitted: 30 Jan 2004
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Abstract The purpose of this experiment is twofold. First, to provide an example of the lab report format and style for ECE 200. One of the fundamental aspects of your report should be that it is a report , neither a question/answer sheet nor a copy of the lab assignment with numbers filled in. The report should be written such that you are the only one who has done this experiment and you are trying to relay your results and conclusions to someone else who does not have access to the instructions you have followed to carry out the experiment. The second purpose of this report is to bring to mind the notion that the measurement equipment in lab is not ideal. This report focuses on the internal resistance of a voltmeter, which in the ideal case is infinite, but in reality is large but finite and measurable. One last point is that there are often several methods of doing any one thing in engineering. Sometimes one is “better” than
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Sample_Lab_Report - Example Lab Voltmeter Internal...

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