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9.20 Athena&Ares - Arachne realizes Athena is the...

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ATHENA (MINERVA) Connected with cities Daughter of Zeus, no mother. One of younger Olympians. Born of Zeus’ head clever. Hephaestus hit head. Virgin; masculine in many ways Connected with wisdom; upholds justice within cities Goddess of war – often represented with helmet (always), shield (Medusa’s head), and spear Can bring trouble, but also relief and aid to soldiers Teacher of crafts, patron goddess of carpenters (helped make Trojan horse) Aegis = goatskin. She has one on her shoulder. Athens – unsure whether she named after city or city named after her. Probably her after city. Hephaestus – god of craft – associated with Athena Athena and Arachne – Arachne praised as better than Athena. She proposes a challenge. Athena disguises herself as an old woman. She advises Arachne to admit that she is not as good as Athena and ask forgiveness from the goddess. They compete. Arachne is so good (she wins) that Athena strikes back.
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Unformatted text preview: Arachne realizes Athena is the goddess and hangs herself to avoid punishment. Athena pities her and turns her into a spider. Athena Ergane (work) = Athena craftmaker Owl associated with Athena Biggest cult – Athens. Parthenon, completed around 438 BC. Known as protectress of Athens. Parthenon has been damaged by smog and freezing and stuff. ARES (MARS) God of war. Son of Zeus & Hera. Representative of war in its most brutal form. Represents masculinity – war, overpowering, destroys, doesn’t think, pushes ahead, affair (with Aphrodite) – Hephaestus (Aphrodite’s husband, aka Vulcan) puts chains over the bed. Chains fall on Aphrodite and Ares. All the gods se them – point and laugh. Ares ravages and destroys. Zeus says he would be thrown out of Olympus if he was not his own son....
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