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9.25 Aphrodite - Helen resists Aphrodite at first by not...

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APHRODITE (VENUS) Affects fertility, not only of men, but of vegetables. Ex. Grass grows where she steps. Born of the sea foam at Cythera SW Cypress – can see rock where Aphrodite is said to have first stepped Aphrodite commonly portrayed bathing – part of ritual. Sappho – poetess – from Lesbos – wrote homoerotic poetry about women (source of word lesbian) In Iliad she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. For the most part, she is the daughter of Uranos (Hesiod’s version) Virgin Artemis does not mix well with Aphrodite Exceptions to Aphrodite’s universal domination: Athena (goddess of war), Artemis, and Hestia (goddess of the hearth) – all virgins, polar opposites to Aphrodite Hippolytus chooses hunting (Artemis) over losing virginity; Aphrodite curses him – makes his stepmother fall in love with him. He denies her, and she kills herself, leaving a note to her husband saying Hippolytus lusted after her instead of the other way around.
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Unformatted text preview: Helen resists Aphrodite at first by not sleeping with Alexandros (Paris), but she eventually gives in. Adonis- Near Eastern god – Aphrodite falls in love with him. Hides him in a chest, which she gives to Persephone. She falls in love with Adonis. Zeus rules Adonis will spent 4 months in Hades with Persephone and four months with Aphrodite. Aphrodite conquers even Zeus in love. He sleeps with even mortal women (shame). Zeus wants Aphrodite to suffer the same shame. Enter Anchises. He is astonished by Aphrodite’s beauty. Anchises is not convinced she’s a mortal (she is disguised as a Phrygian princess). Aphrodite lies about her background, and he is persuaded. As Anchises sleeps, Aphrodite returns to her goddess form. Achises is terrified, and asks the goddess not to hurt him. She says she won’t. She says she will bear Aineias, the founder of Rome. wOw. But Anchises can’t come to Olympus with her....
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