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9.13 Zeus - Zeus and Io – Io was a priestess of Hera Zeus...

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ZEUS (JUPITER/JOVE) Clearest origin of Olympians Sky god/sky father; weather god/storm god; “cloud gatherer” “the dark-clouded” “Aegis bearing” Ruler of the gods and he knows it. God of victory Also has sexual power Heracles=Zeus’ child Slept with 115 women; Hera=jealous Ganymedes=mortal man - Trojan prince - taken up to Olympus to be lover of Zeus Danae- daughter of king Acrisius. Oracle tells king that his grandson will kill him. The king locks up Danae. Zeus enters the room as a shower of gold and conceives Perseus. Zeus and Europa – Zeus disguised as a beautiful bull which glows white. Bull symbolizes masculine powers. Takes Europa to Crete and gives birth to Menos.
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Unformatted text preview: Zeus and Io – Io was a priestess of Hera. Zeus runs off with her, followed by Hera. She turns Io into a white heifer, guarded by Argos (snake with one eye always open). Hermes later sent to slay the snake. Eyes peacock’s tail, which is why peacock is related to Hera. Sarpedon=Zeus’ son, killed by Patroclus. Show Zeus has to yield to what Fate decrees. Zeus’ golden scales mix Zeus’ deciding and Fate deciding. Zeus of Justice • Worshipped with relation to justice and cities • Kings nourished by Zeus • Protector of yard and possessions • Oversees relations between strangers Never portrayed on theatrical stage....
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