9.13 Zeus - Zeus and Io Io was a priestess of Hera. Zeus...

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ZEUS (JUPITER/JOVE) Clearest origin of Olympians Sky god/sky father; weather god/storm god; “cloud gatherer” “the dark-clouded” “Aegis bearing” Ruler of the gods and he knows it. God of victory Also has sexual power Heracles=Zeus’ child Slept with 115 women; Hera=jealous Ganymedes=mortal man - Trojan prince - taken up to Olympus to be lover of Zeus Danae- daughter of king Acrisius. Oracle tells king that his grandson will kill him. The king locks up Danae. Zeus enters the room as a shower of gold and conceives Perseus. Zeus and Europa – Zeus disguised as a beautiful bull which glows white. Bull symbolizes masculine powers. Takes Europa to Crete and gives birth to Menos.
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Unformatted text preview: Zeus and Io Io was a priestess of Hera. Zeus runs off with her, followed by Hera. She turns Io into a white heifer, guarded by Argos (snake with one eye always open). Hermes later sent to slay the snake. Eyes peacocks tail, which is why peacock is related to Hera. Sarpedon=Zeus son, killed by Patroclus. Show Zeus has to yield to what Fate decrees. Zeus golden scales mix Zeus deciding and Fate deciding. Zeus of Justice Worshipped with relation to justice and cities Kings nourished by Zeus Protector of yard and possessions Oversees relations between strangers Never portrayed on theatrical stage....
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