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ME 2024—Engineering Design and Economics Quiz 1 (Pg 2 – 5 Text) CRN_____ Team______ Do NOT add a team member’s name if they are absent or did not contribute to the solution to this quiz. It is a violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code to do otherwise. Member 1_________________________ Member 2_________________________ Member 3_________________________ Member 4_________________________ 1. The book described three main functions in a product development effort: marketing, design,
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Unformatted text preview: and manufacturing. Briefly describe one major task for each of these functions. 2. List three of the five specific dimensions or components (all of which ultimately relate to profit) that are commonly used to assess the performance of a product development effort: 3. How long did the book imply that most product development efforts last (days, weeks, months, or years)? //home/vdimitrov/8680/fac8335f465c0c0c89ceea8ed9702b1c3e8f2ec1.doc 5/6/2009 20:42 a5/p5- 1 -...
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