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quiz_10 - 2 What was the driving specification in the...

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ME 2024—Engineering Design and Economics Quiz 10 (Ch 5, pp. 79-88T) CRN_____ Team____ Member 1_______________________________________ Member 2_______________________________________ Member 3_______________________________________ 1. Give examples of two different ways that a length metric can be expressed for a meter stick.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What was the driving specification in the development of Motorola’s RAZR cell phone? 3. What was the primary tradeoff that the Motorola engineers faced when designing the RAZR cell phone? //home/vdimitrov/6673/2211a10955b8b9d42b0022edb27bfe581b04245b.doc 5/11/2009 17:30 a5/p5- 1 -...
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