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ME 2024—Engineering Design and Economics Quiz 2 (Pg 6 – 9, Text) CRN_____ Team ____ Do NOT add a team member’s name if they are absent or did not contribute to the solution to the quiz. It is a violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code to do otherwise. Member 1_________________________, Member 2_________________________ Member 3_________________________, Member 4_________________________ 1. The book lists the following challenges of project development.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe or give an example of each: (a) Dynamics - (b) Time pressure (c) Economics 2. The book listed some characteristics leading to dysfunctional teams. In your own words, briefly describe what these mean: (a) Lack of empowerment of team -(b) Functional allegiances interfering with project decisions (c) Inadequate resources - //home/vdimitrov/9423/d761863cacb8a19d5409b758d368f9120156162f.doc 5/7/2009 5:54 a5/p5- 1 -...
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