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Geo HW 4 - Geology 2341 A Term 2008 Worcester Polytechnic...

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Geology 2341, A Term 2008 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Homework Assignment 4, Due by 5:00 PM Sep. 16 Part A: Objective: to discover some of the aspects of plate tectonics by examining real data. Background: The Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain stretches for 6,000 km across the Pacific Ocean. This string of more than 100 volcanoes was formed as the Pacific plate slid across a hot spot (or mantle plume) in the asthenosphere below. Some of these volcanoes extend above sea level to form islands while others are submerged seamounts. Over time the volcanoes erode, cool and subside below sea level often forming flat-topped guyots. Procedure: Step 1: Plot the age-distance data To better understand this process we will plot the age-distance relationship of 30 volcanoes listed in Table 1 on the graph provided. Mark a “ + “ at each volcano’s age-distance point. Give the plot a descriptive title and label each axis so that someone seeing the graph for the first time could understand what it represents. (Use Microsoft Excel to plot the data). 1
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Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Age/Distance Relationship y = 75.828x + 215.28 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Age (Ma) Distance (Km) Step 2: Interpret the data 1) Draw a straight line that best fits (is closest to) all the data points. The slope of this line represents the average rate at which the plate is moving (in km/Ma). Note that the points do not
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Geo HW 4 - Geology 2341 A Term 2008 Worcester Polytechnic...

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