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Team Assignment - Chapter 6 - 1 6.6 2 6.7 3 6.9(hint use...

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University of Alabama at Birmingham CE 395, Summer 2005 Chapter 6 Problem Assignments General . Listed below are problems assigned for individual study and review . You are welcome to collaborate with others, but you are responsible to turn in this individual assignment. The numbered problems are in the text. You should careful study the referenced examples in the book. Solve the assigned numbered problems and turn them in at the beginning of class on Thursday July 21, 2005. Please recall that Exam 2 is on that day. The assigned study problems and homework problems should help you prepare. Study Problems (Text Examples): 1. Example 6:18 2. Example 6:19 3. Example 6:20 Problems (End of Chapter 6 in Text)
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Unformatted text preview: : 1. 6.6 2. 6.7 3. 6.9 (hint: use Table 6-4 to determine the recovery period. The Recovery Period is the left hand column) 4. 6.22 [Recall that the after tax MARR = (1-tax rate)(Before tax MARR)] 5. 6.23 6. 6.36 parts a and b only (Hint: all you have here are expenses. In this case, we assume that the company will offset other unknown income with these expenses. Consequently, tax calculated on a negative cash flow each year, i.e. the expenses, is actually a reduction in effective cost of the equipment that year. Said another way, the tax calculated is a reduction in expense for the year. In the problem you are trying to minimize cost.)...
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Team Assignment - Chapter 6 - 1 6.6 2 6.7 3 6.9(hint use...

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