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MYCENAEAN SAGA - MYCENAEAN SAGA 6 Pelops Son of Tantalus...

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MYCENAEAN SAGA 6. Pelops - Son of Tantalus - Ancestor to the House of Atreus Myths 1. Pelops and Tantalus - Tantalus invited the Gods to a banquet -Tantalus cooked Pelops in order to serve to the Gods as a dish at the banquet - All the gods, except for Demeter, realized what Tantalus had done with Pelops -Demeter ate a piece of his shoulder -The gods restore Pelops back to life and his shoulder was replaced with marble. - (in some versions Poseidon takes Pelops away as his lover.) 2. Pelops and Hippodamia - After being restored back to life he LEAVES Asia Minor and goes to Elis to win the hand of the daughter of King Oenomaus, Hippodamia. - In order to win Hippodamia, Pelops has to beat the king in a chariot race -13 were said to have died from race before Pelops because if the king caught up with them he would kill them. - Pelops cheated to win either by bribing Oenomaus’ charioteer, Myrtilus, into taking out the pins from the wheels of the king’s chariot. (Or he had help from Poseidon) - The king crashed and died during the contest and Pelops won. -Myrtilus thought that he would be given one night with Hippodamia to sleep with on the first night. -Myrtilus tries to rape her and Pelops finds out and throws him off a cliff. - Myrtilus curses Pelops and his descendants while falling down. 3. The sons of Pelops-Atreus and Thyestes -Pelops took King Oenomaus’ spot and had two sons with Hippodamia.
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-An oracle said that a son of Pelops was going to rule Mycenae, so Atreus and Thyestes both fought over the kingdom and it was decided that whoever had a ram with a golden fleece would get the kingdom. - Pan gets the ram and brings it to Atreus, Thyestes steals the ram by sleeping with Atreus’ wife and she gave it to him. -Thyestes became king and Atreus came back and banished him. -Atreus still wanted revenge and pretended to be reconciled with Thyestes and invited him back to Mycenae for a celebration banquet. -Atreus kills Thyestes’ sons and feeds them to Thyestes and he doesn’t notice until after he has already eaten them. -Thyestes then in return curses Atreus. Agamemnon’s death -Agamemnon married Clytemnestra and gave birth to Iphigenia, Electra, and Orestes.
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