9.20.07 Sex - Sex and All That That Implies I. The basic...

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Sex and All That That Implies I. The basic apparatus Females: external, internal Males: external, internal Orgasms in women and men Biological bases: Hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system, hormones II. Sexual desire and orientation Sexual desire in men and women: Assessing internal vs external cues Aging and sexuality Heterosexuality versus homosexuality: OAE, digit ratio , androgen exposure Dr. Ruth questions - See Facebook group III. Evolutionary Psychology Parental Investment Theory Mate selection strategies Age and status Jealousy and murder Waist to hip ratio Why do cultures and religions have problems talking about sex? Female clitoris similar to male penis=extensive network of nerves Male orgasm- excitement plateau orgasm resolution Resolution- not sexually aroused during period after orgasm. Variety of time before able to have sex again. Female orgasm- arousal stimulation orgasm, then could have another orgasm or refractory period. Can have series of orgasms or one long orgasm. Orgasms in hypothalamus. Is sexual arousal more sympathetic nervous system or parasympathetic? Actually, it’s parasympathetic. Blood being redistributed, much to genital area. Orgasm requires sympathetic stimulation. Device detects arousal- rubber band type thing on penis shaft, tube inserted into vagina measures blood flow, etc. Guys have erection during sleep because of parasympathetic reaction. Same with women’s arousal during sleep. Viagra redistributes blood flow to increase probability of erection. Will Viagra increase a woman’s sexual response? How do you know you’re sexually aroused? For the most part, sexual arousal and erections go hand in
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9.20.07 Sex - Sex and All That That Implies I. The basic...

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