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University of Alabama at Birmingham CE 395, Summer 2005 Chapters 4, 5, 11 Problem Assignments General. Listed below are problems assigned for team solution. The numbered problems are in the text. To assist you in your work a separate document will be emailed to you with some useful example problems for study and concept clarification. You will have the class period of Tuesday July 12 to work jointly. A single set of problem solutions from each team (signed by each team member) is to be submitted on Thursday 7/14 . In addition to the problems, each individual is expected to read Sections 11.1 – 11.6 in the text. Problems : 1. 4.45 solve using external rate of return only 2. 4.46 (Hint: let x = 1/(1+i). Write the equation NPW = 0 . Then use the quadratic equation to solve for x. Once x is known, solve for the multiple positive values for i. ) 3. 5.1 parts a and b only 4. 5.2 part a only. 5.
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