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9.25.07 Sensation&Perception

9.25.07 Sensation&Perception - Sensation Perception...

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Sensation & Perception Announcements Writing assignment 2 Paid experiment options I. A brief history of sensation and perception Psychophysics Pictures in the brain II. Visual perception: Depth cues Pictorial cues Ocular Motor cues Movement cues Binocular disparity III. Top-down vs. bottom-up processing IV. Visual illusions V. Gibson’s perception: Sensations and perceptual systems Psychophysics – what is the relationship between a stimulus in the environment and our perception of it? Experiment- change brightness of light and ask participants to rate on scale of 1-100. Generally found the louder the noise/bright the light, the louder/brighter people thought it was. Wow. Context and beliefs could change result. Using special dye in back of monkeys’ head, scientists could see what the monkey was seeing through his eyes. Scientists could see more from monkey’s brain than monkey consciously saw, so other parts of the brain were shaping what the monkey believed he saw.
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