10.04.07 Development - Development Second Writing...

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Development Second Writing Assignment Due: 11:59pm tonight Review sessions: 2:00-3:30 class: Friday, 3:30 BUR 106 3:30-5:00 class: Friday, 4:30 BUR 106 I. Some basic issues Life development Linear versus stage theories II. Birth and the first months Pregnancy and birth Reflexes : startle , sucking, grasping , walking Early parenting: Questionnaire III. Emotional and social development Attachment Gender identity IV. Cognitive development: Jean Piaget Basic processes: Assimilation vs accommodation Stages of development V. Moral development Situational morality Kohlberg's stages 84% have children Linear – learn things every day Stage – think in certain ways for a certain amount of time, then change; once a person goes on to a new stage they can never go back again Pregnancy and birth Massive hormonal changes – thinks differently, different food preferences, change in behavior Pregnant women treated differently by society Between 5 & 15% of women are at increased risk of depression after their first child – post- partem depression
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10.04.07 Development - Development Second Writing...

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