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Practice Exam 1 - 2.3 2fi{a 413‘{b —si‘—sj{c...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.3+2fi {a} 413‘ {b} —si‘—sj {c} —si‘—sj‘ {a} 411—53 a. 2-2 (2:. —si‘+2j‘ (2:. shaj‘ {ch 21—43 capo c. Magnitude of a: + 213 (a) as (2:. 2.2 {c} 5.2 {a} 2.2 D. Direction of 5'5; + 2 13 relative to the positive n—aazis. (a) EU? E' {12.163 E' {c} 49 E' {d} 230 E' 3. A man jumps off a cliff 1113 meters high onto an inflated cushion 3-meters thick. 4. What is the velo city of the man just before hitting the cushion? {a} sao me i {a} 1o2 me i {c} 44.2 mfs J. {a} 22.2 mi B. What average decelera1ion will the man experience as he compresses the cushion by [1.3m while coming to a halt up on landing ? {a} 14111] mag T (2:. mm mad T Tapsso 12251 T {a} sao IILI'ISE' T 3. A skydiver is descending at a speed of 3D m-“s drops a camera when he is at an altitude of SD m. A. What is the speed of the camera just before it hits the ground? ta} 31.3 m-“s {h} 43.4 mfs {c} 3.9 m-“s {d} 20.3 m-“s B. How long does it taite the camera to reach the ground after being dropped? (a) 1.3 s {h} 1.5 s {c} 1.4 s {d} 3.5 s =1. 5 projectile is fired horizontally from a gun located :15 rn above a horizontal plane at a speed of 250 niuis. 5. How long does the projectile remain in the air? (ab 3.03 s (hf; 5.31s (cf; £1.59 s (db [1.15 s E. Pit what horizontal distance from the gun does the projectile strike the ground? {a} 953.2 In {b} 554.3 In {c5451} rn lid} ?'5?'.5 rn C. What is the magnitude of the vertical component of its velocity as it strikes the ground? (a) 39.? nr-is (h) ?'.3 niiis (c) 350 niiis (dill-:19 nr-is 5. Pissurne that the moon rotates about the earth in a circular orbit with a period of 33 days. The radius of the orbit is 3.50z105 lfl‘fl. r—‘i. What is the speed of the moon in its orbit? {a} 1.:iz1IClT nr-is. {h} 15? ni-is. (c) 93? nr-is (d) 3.5z1ICl4 nr-is B. What is the centripetal acceleration of the moon? {a} onss ma? {iii nooss ma? {c} o.ooois ma? {ii} 1.55 ma? ...
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