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Sec. 4580, Fall 08 1 WIS 2040: WILDLIFE ISSUES IN A CHANGING WORLD Fall 2008 Section 4580X Carleton 100 Professor: Dr. Michael P. Moulton 303 Newins-Ziegler Hall 846-0571 [ ] Teaching Assistant: TBA 303 Newins-Ziegler Hall 846-0573 * [ ] *The voice mail system on our phone has very limited space. If you wait until the last minute to call us the voice mail may be full. Course Content: This course is designed specifically for students who wish to gain knowledge of selected issues affecting the future of biological diversity in the state, national, and international levels. Course Objectives: This course satisfies 3 credits of the University of Florida's General Education requirement for Biological Science. The specific goals of the course are: (1) familiarize students with basic concepts, theories, and terminology of natural science, including the evolutionary basis for the five kingdom system of phylogeny and the scientific method; (2) appreciate and understand major scientific developments in wildlife ecology and conservation, as well as basic concepts and scientific principles of wildlife ecology and management and their individual impacts; (3) understand how the scientific method works and how to use the scientific method to analyze and resolve wildlife issues; (4) understand and the underlying biological basis for wildlife issues involving species from all five kingdoms.
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Sec. 4580, Fall 08 2 COURSE MATERIALS A course packet entitled “ Wildlife Issues in the New Millenium “, is available at the University Bookstore, and Gator Textbooks Inc., or on-line through the e- Learning site ( The packet includes a small booklet, a CD, and a code on the inside of the box lid . This code provides electronic access to a variety of material. This material includes access to short “On-line” films (not to be confused with the in-class films we will show). The On-line films are short (i.e., < 30 minutes) and you will be assigned some of these for the on-line exercises (see below): the CD contains: three reference reading chapters (Wildlife In America; Functional Components of Ecosystems; and Ecosystems and Wildlife of Florida) eighteen Topics (or Presentations); Test-banks for self- study for all the reference chapters and topics, and the Homework assignments that will constitute 34% of your overall grade. Additional relevant material will be presented in lecture. This packet is not required, all content is available on reserve at the Marston Science Library, and students may complete all assignments in a hard copy form – see the instructor. Course Policies Students should carefully read the following course policies. They provide answers to questions that students often ask and a careful reading should relieve students from unnecessary anguish confusion or potential upset over rejected requests for special considerations before they arise. All special request cases will be responded to in compliance with the policies for the course as listed
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syllabus - Sec. 4580, Fall 08 WIS 2040: WILDLIFE ISSUES IN...

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