EUH MIDTERM 1 - EUH MIDTERM 1 Alsace-Lorraine Peace to end...

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EUH MIDTERM 1 Alsace-Lorraine Peace to end Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1, Treaty of Versailles- harsh peace from France demanding Alsace-Lorraine territory from Germany (german speaking areas, part of German political system until 1600’s and taken over by france), people felt French and did not want to be part of new germany General Schlieffen German General, New Challenge= Triple Entente (aka Eng/Fr/Russ) vs Triple Alliance (aka G, A-H)(weak), plan for victory against French on western front, belief coming war will be brief, potential 3 front war – Russ (E), Fr (W), Eng (N), RR lines= dynamic military system Plan: notices it takes Russ 6 wks to mobilize army, defensive against east (aka knock out Fr b4 Russ mobilizes), invades 2 neutral countries (Belgium, Holland), then use trains to try to get to Russia, thinks navy is a joke Franz Joseph 1848-1916, A-H, Emperor of Austria, loses every war during his rule, most ethnically diverse system ever in history (Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary)=DUAL MONARCHY, appeases A-H b/c his wife is a champ of hung and he is Austrian, wife killed by anarchist, son commits suicide; A-H is weakest of all great powers after his rule and the defeat of WWI leaves the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy dissolved into national states. Franz Ferdinand Nephew of Franz Joseph, married below himself (sophie), children could never succeed him if became king, wanted Trialism (b/c disliked dualism)-aka Ger/Hung/Slavic, tried to prevent a nationalist Yugoslavia, Black Hand (aka unofficial Serbian CIA kills Franz Ferdinand), killing of Franz Ferdinand causes Austria to declare war with Serbia thus officially beginning WWI Navalism 1880s- William-building of fleet, guns become more threatening, Br dominates navalism tho Admiral Mahan- idea that he who controls the sea controls the world, influence on sea power in history, sea power=secret explanation for rise and fall of power in history, geo politics- new understanding of global politics Am, Ger invest in fleets German idea of a risk fleet to bring down English power New rivalry= Eng v. Ger Admiral Tirpitz Plan to use “Risk Fleet” (aka German fleet) to fight England, if Ger wins=Eng will be defeated, if Ger loses=Eng will be weakened and vulnerable ; idea: Eng will rather defend empire than world power status…thus Ger will be able to move in as a world power, Br. outsmart Germans Moroccan War Scares Germany threatened by alliance b/w Britain and France, tried to provoke a crisis in Morocco to break alliance, backfired; ties b/w
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France and Britain strengthen; added to tension in Europe and to the beginning of WWI Stages of July 1914 crisis Assassination of Franz Ferdinand -June 1914 -killed by Black Hand, unofficial serbian CIA –Gavrilo Principe Blank check – kaiser to Austria -Hungary relieved to see Franz gone -Austria and Germany decide to finish off Serbia quickly -Serbs receive ultimatum (aka declaration of war) from Austro- German Alliance Captain Dreyfus Captain in the French Army, Jewish, charged with treason for
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EUH MIDTERM 1 - EUH MIDTERM 1 Alsace-Lorraine Peace to end...

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