12.04.07 Social Influence

12.04.07 Social Influence - world around you Normative...

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Social Influence IF YOU WERE NOT HERE FOR LAST THURSDAY’S LECTURE, MAKE SURE YOU COME & GET A BLUE FORM BEFORE LECTURE BEGINS Writing assignment 5 : Tonight, 11:59pm Experiments Review sessions for Test 5 I. Perception and line judgment: The Asch paradigm II. Conformity * III. Obedience IV. The Big Picture Conformity Solomon Asch (1951) Information social influence – maybe these people know something, people around you are indicators of
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Unformatted text preview: world around you Normative social influence – you want to fit in 37% of the time, Asch’s subject would go with the group rather than what they think is right. Stop someone conforming – if there is one minority. One person resisting conformity in Asch’s study would break influence of conformity for subject. Obedience – video 60% went to XXX level....
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