Lab 1 - Measuring Area

Lab 1 - Measuring Area - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 1

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PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 1 Introduction You and your partner will be given a piece of poster board with a closed curve drawn on it. You will measure the area enclosed inside this curve in two different ways. Purpose This lab illustrates a physical application of integral calculus. Method 1 for finding the area is a form of “numerical integration.” More important, this lab introduces error analysis. You should study the document “Error and Uncertainty.” The concepts and procedures or error analysis introduced there will be used in the present lab and will also form the basis for error treatment in subsequent labs. Midterm and final exams will require knowledge of this material too! Procedure Method 1 : You may assume the poster board is cut to accurate right angles. Using a meter stick and a pencil, draw horizontal and vertical lines (parallel and perpendicular to the edges of the poster), and construct a rectangular grid with lines spaced at 1-inch intervals. Now use “numerical integration” to find the area inside the closed curve. Do this by counting squares inside the curve. Estimate fractions of squares as closely as you can by eye. Each partner should carry out this procedure and repeat it several times. Express your determination of the area in square inches and in square centimeters. What
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Lab 1 - Measuring Area - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 1

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