Lab 3 - Projectile Motion

Lab 3 - Projectile Motion - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 3...

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PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 3 PROJECTILE MOTION Introduction This laboratory experiment presents the opportunity to study motion in two dimensions, projectile motion, which can be described as accelerated motion in the vertical direction and uniform motion in the horizontal direction. Equipment 1 Computer set, 1 Photogate, 1 interface box, 1 launching ramp with SALT (screw-actuated linear translator), 1 meter stick, 1 plumb bob with string, 1 steel ball-bearing Method The steel ball will be launched horizontally by being released from a certain height on the ramp. It will then roll down the ramp and fall to the floor, where it makes a mark on the landing paper. The horizontal distance from take-off to landing, x , is proportional to the initial horizontal velocity, v , of the ball. The distance, x , can be measured with the meter stick. By using the SALT, photogate and computer, the initial velocity v 0 of the ball (as it leaves the ramp) can be calculated. Procedure 1. Measure the height h of the launch point (i.e., the end of the ramp above the floor.) 2. Measure the "effective diameter" D eff of the ball. This may be accomplished by translating (moving in a straight line) the photogate from the front to the back of the steel ball on the launching ramp. The front and back are indicated by where the photogate is blocked or unblocked as seen by the LED (light emitting diode) installed in the side of the photogate. The SALT will advance the photogate by 1/28 of an inch per rotation of the knob. i.e., turn the knob 28 times and the photogate will move 1 inch. You should be able to measure D eff to high precision, since you can estimate fractions of a turn to +/- ¼ turn by eye. Q1.To what precision can you, the experimenter, measure
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Lab 3 - Projectile Motion - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 3...

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