Psych essay 1 - Congratulations You have completed the...

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Congratulations You have completed the first writing assignment. You can save and/or print this form as proof of your participation in the unlikely case that there is an error with the computer system. Thinking about the assignment In reflecting on the stream of consciousness experience, ask yourself the following questions: 1. To what degree did the exercise truly reflect the way your mind works? Is this the way you usually think about things? 2. To what degree do you think that translating your stream of consciousness into language affected your normal thought processes? Many people report that they usually think in a linguistic mode - bouncing from thought to thought as they walk around. Others say they rarely think linguistically. 3. William James, one of the founders of modern day psychology, was the first person to explore the idea of stream of consciousness. In his Principles of Psychology book in 1890, he claimed that by understanding people's stream of thought, we can begin to understand the essence of the mind. Indeed, he suggested a number of central characteristics of mind: a.) Every thought is ultimately personal. We know what it means but others may not. In a sense, then, every thought you wrote down has some kind of meaning to you. b.) Thoughts are sensibly continuous (like a stream, thought 1 is related to thought 2 and thought 2 is related to thought 3; but thought 3 may not be related to thought 1). In other words, thoughts don't appear randomly - although they may appear to. Look over your writing and explore your transitions. Why did one thought lead to the next one? c.) Thinking or consciousness is a form of serial (as opposed to parallel)
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Psych essay 1 - Congratulations You have completed the...

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