Lab 2 - Electric Field

Lab 2 - Electric Field - PHY134 Classical Physics II...

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PHY134 - Classical Physics II Laboratory Electric Field In this experiment we will plot a series of lines of equal potential for several two-dimensional charge distributions. Once we know the equipotential lines, we can construct the corresponding electric field lines, giving us an informative visual display of the field. Equipment 3 Carbonized acetate sheets ("parallel plate", "dipole", and "dipole plus circle"), Dry cell (1.5 V), Digital voltmeter, 2 Voltage probes. Method For each charge distribution a sheet of carbonized paper is provided, with silver conductors painted on the paper. The conductors are connected to the terminals of a battery which supplies charge to the conductors, one conductor getting a positive charge and the other a negative charge. A current flows through the carbonized paper from the positive conductor to the negative conductor. Any two points between which the current is zero will be at the same electrical potential and will therefore lie on the same equipotential line. Each sheet of carbonized paper has a grid of reference marks to make it easy to identify points between the conductors. Procedure 1. On the "parallel plate" sheet connect one terminal of the battery to each plate. Make a full scale precise copy of the conductor layout in your notebook, record the identifying numbers of the grid and draw the conducting plates in their proper locations. Place one of the voltmeter probes at some point near one of the conducting plates. Move the other probe along the carbonized paper until a point is reached for which the voltmeter reading is zero. Mark the location of these points on the diagram in your notebook.
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Lab 2 - Electric Field - PHY134 Classical Physics II...

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