Lab 9 - Resonance

Lab 9 - Resonance - PHY134 Classical Physics II Laboratory...

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PHY134 - Classical Physics II Laboratory Resonance In this experiment, we observe the response of a series RLC circuit when it is driven by a sinusoidal voltage whose frequency can be adjusted. Equipment Oscilloscope, Function generator, Inductor coil, Decade resistance box, Decade capacitance box, Frequency counter. Method We use a dual-trace oscilloscope to monitor the input voltage applied to the series RLC circuit (channel 1) and to simultaneously observe the voltage across parts of the circuit on channel 2. By triggering the scope from the channel 1 input, we can determine the relative phase relationships of the voltages appearing across each circuit element. Procedure 1. Connect the circuit shown in Figure 1. Adjust the resistance box R to 50 and the capacitance box C to 0.1 μ F. Set the oscilloscope for dual trace operation and trigger from channel 1. Be sure all vertical sensitivity and time base controls are in the "calibrated" position. Set the oscillator for maximum amplitude 5 kHz sine waves. Now adjust the frequency of the oscillator until the voltage across R is maximum. This is the resonance frequency.
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Q1 . At what frequency should the maximum occur? Use the value obtained last week for L to answer this question. 2. Keeping the frequency and everything else the same, interchange the resistor and capacitor, so that channel 2 now shows the voltage across the capacitor. Q2 . What is the phase of the capacitor voltage relative to the input voltage at resonance? Q3. What is the amplitude of the capacitor voltage at resonance? Is it larger than the input voltage? 3.
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Lab 9 - Resonance - PHY134 Classical Physics II Laboratory...

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